I began creating stories to escape the pressures of growing up queer, black, poor, and largely misunderstood. I was a shy kid, and especially for a boy, overemotional. I believe words give life meaning, and I appreciate how detailed storytelling can captivate a listener. 


As I played with rhyme schemes and melodies, lyric writing naturally followed. I was inspired by my favorite songwriters like Prince, Mariah Carey, and Bob Marley to create songs that evoked emotion. I would write melodies from existing songs or instrumental tracks, and somewhere along the way I started practicing songwriting passionately; playing with words and finding a creative, meaningful ways to communicate. My dream became apparent, all I wanted to do was write and perform my songs to listeners who could relate to my message. 

As I got older and the challenges of family and reality set in, what was once an obtainable dream eventually became irrelevant. My fear of being judged by others along with my lack of discipline and lack of direction stunted any drive I had to enter the music industry. I turned away from my means of self expression for what others deemed as a more practical approach to success. I followed a more traditional route to college, and put that dream to sleep. 


Post-college, I spent years exploring different fields. I tried everything from retail to manufacturing, information technology to insurance. I've worked for top companies like FedEx, Best Buy, Target, and more and even started my own businesses. No matter what I did or how hard I worked, there was always something wrong with every job. It was never anything wrong with me, but always with the position. After doing some soul-searching, I realized the issue was my lack of courage. I spent so much time in self-doubt, making excuses, fearing failure, and giving others the power to influence my decisions that I lost sight of my dream.

Right now, I am reclaiming my dream. I am getting back to what makes me happy by writing songs from my experience that I am incredibly proud of. My goal is to continue using music to tell my story in hopes that someday I will be able to do so professionally. I invite you to follow me on my journey.